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About Formosa FCFC Corp.

Formosa Plastic Corporation was founded in 1954. As start- up in 1957, its plant produced 4 MT/day of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin , the smallest PVC plant in the world at that time.

After fifty years of effort , Formosa Plastic Group break through all the difficulties , it become the world's largest PVC powder production's plant. And it not only open opportunities for Taiwan's petrochemical industry, but also has driven the plastics processing industry flourish, contribution to national economic development. Formosa Plastic Group's diversified development , starting from the plastics industry, and gradually branched out into petrochemicals, fibers, textiles, electronics, transportation , heavy industry, energy, carpet manufacture, automotive, biotechnology and other industries, while expanding overseas investments. In the enterprise development process, the principle of " taken from the community, giving back to society," the purpose, but also begin offering health care, education and other social welfare undertakings, contribute to the community, is currently one of the largest private enterprise.

Formosa Plastics Corporation - Fiber Division, the predecessor of Formosa FCFC Carpet Corporation was established " Formosa Carpet " brand in the market in 1968. Formosa Chemicals and Fiber Corporation (FCFC) - Carpet Division was restructured to become a professional carpet manufacturing company - Formosa FCFC Carpet Corporation in 2006. 

To offer consistent quality for customer, the factory possesses a self-production system from raw materials to products. Over 70% of the raw material are supplied by subsidiaries within the Group. We use SUNYLON Nylon ( recycled nylon from industrial system) in our nylon products and we also have environmental friendly of cushion backing in our carpet tiles.

Formosa FCFC carpet Corp. who is the first carpet manufacturing company received the Green Building Material from Taiwan's EPA and also have received the GREEN LABEL PLUS from CRI.

Formosa FCFC carpet products applicable to the home , office, restaurant, hotel suites, banquet hall and the aisle, all kind of commercial space, public places, the athletics track, golf course and outdoor activities.
Marketing products in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China , Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, South-East Asia and the Middle East.

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